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About us

About us

Fujian Liang Zuo Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in production line, assembly line, conveying equipment and automation equipment. The company integrates design, manufacture, installation and maintenance in one, and wins the trust of the industry with superb technology, high quality products, quick delivery and sincere cooperation spirit. "Providing high quality products and satisfactory service to customers" is the policy that our company has consistently adhered to, constantly innovating technology, absorbing advanced technology in the same industry both at home and abroad, constantly improving production technology, making our products beautiful in shape, excellent in quality, stable in operation, and unremitting efforts to build first-class automation equipment. Power!
Create a hundred years of enterprise, cast gold brand.
We believe that future industry will be the world of intelligent manufacturing, automation technology, artificial intelligence will be everywhere, change the way of industrial manufacture, the way of human life. He is willing to grow up with partners, cooperate to share value, build a more accurate, efficient and intelligent manufacturing platform through continuous technological progress and innovation, and promote the integration of people with machines, machines, machines and factories to improve the price of user products. Value and efficiency, in order to promote intelligent equipment localization process unremitting efforts, and then use Chinese equipment, equipment China, to the world.

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